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No initiative can be successful without solid upfront planning. That means looking at the “big picture” before it even makes it on the canvas. The staff of D’Ambrosio Communications has successfully planned and implemented scores of public relations projects, from setting up campaigns to enhance employee morale during times of uncertainty, to gaining public confidence and support on controversial issues.

By working directly with you and your colleagues, using most recent research tools and understanding the global significance of your issue, D’Ambrosio Communications will prepare and facilitate a top-notch Strategic Public Relations Strategy for your organization.






How We’ll Tell Your Story...

First, we’ll develop a close partnership. It’s important that we understand what you and your organization are all about — your values, your vision, and your goals.

Then, we’ll tailor our service to best suit your needs. Maybe your organization would be best served by an informational brochure for a broad audience. Or maybe your goals call for media placement. Getting to know you, we can make it happen.

Finally, we will give you the goods and services to meet your objectives on-time, on-budget, on-the-mark.











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